What is Tien Tien card playing? How to play cards 100% effectively

Play cards forward is one of the most popular games today. Most of you who are passionate about online betting games will certainly be no strangers to this game. This game genre is popular with names like Tien Len Bac and Tien Len Mien Nam. So to understand better Go ahead and play cards What is that? What are the rules and how to play cards? Please follow the following article, Trang Chủ New88 Will provide detailed information about this game.

What is Tien Tien card playing?

Play cards forward is a game of Western origin. In this game, use a deck of 52 cards to play. This game is played in the form of releasing all the cards that have been dealt. That means, if a player wants to win, he must play all his cards before the remaining opponents. To play this game, 2 – 4 people need to participate. Before starting a game, the dealer will distribute 13 cards equally to each person. At this time, you are responsible for using all your knowledge, experience and observation ability to play out all your cards first to win.

In a game of cards, the first person to play all 13 cards is the winner. The remaining players will continue to play all the cards to compete for 2nd, 3rd, 4th place. In general, the gameplay of this game is relatively simple and easy to play. However, being able to observe the cards well as well as grasp the rules and regulations of this game is not simple. You will need some time to master the cards and improve your playing skills for this game.

The two most popular forms of card playing today

Currently, Tien Len card game is transformed into many different forms. However, among them, Tien Len to the North and Tien Len to the South are the two most popular forms and are widely known by many people. So what is the difference between these two forms of gambling? For more details about these two forms, please follow the section below.

Go North

Tien Len Mien Bac is a card game developed based on the game genreGo ahead and play cards. The format of play in Northern Tien Len is similar to Southern Tien Len. However, in terms of game rules, this form is a bit more difficult and complicated. Regarding color, in this form only cards with the same color group combined together are accepted. In addition, when playing in this form, you must pay attention to the issue of uniformity and uniformity of color. The rules when cutting cards in the North will also be different. When playing in the North, when cutting cards, pairs of cards will not be used, only four of a kind can be cut. At this time, the four of a kind will be cut off a 2 or a smaller four of a kind. The all-white rule and the ending rule in the form of going to the North will also be difficult to play and the game will take longer. However, the rules of the game are quite strictly regulated like this. Requires you to learn carefully, and try many games to gain a lot of experience to start competing. Therefore, even though the playing form is quite complicated, it can still attract many players because of the thrill and appeal of this form.

Head to the South

It can be said that, when it comes to Tien Len card game, Tien Len in the South will be more known than Tien Len in the North. In contrast, compared to the North, the South is known and participated by more people. Because in this form, the gameplay and rules are simpler, easier to play and much more open than the rules in the Northern form. In addition, the time to finish the game in this form is also faster.

How to play Tien Len card game effectively for newbies

Play cards forward is a popular game, but winning is not easy. Therefore, you need to pay attention to some ways to play to bring more efficiency in this card game.

Grasp the psychology of your opponents

Grasping your opponent’s psychology is one of the ways of playing that many players apply. This can give you an advantage in making important moves to decide the outcome of the game.

However, if you are calm and observant, you will be able to easily grasp the position of the game as well as your opponent’s psychology. At that time, you can make accurate and reasonable cards to win.

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Memorize the cards

Memorizing the cards is also a wayGo ahead and play cards nice. However, this way of playing is not easy for players, especially newbies. With this way of playing, you can determine the next moves most accurately. You can also remember the cards that your opponent has played. Memorizing the cards will help you reduce the risk of being cut by 2 or being able to catch your opponent’s cards. In particular, it can help you calculate more accurately when playing cards. This is also a good tip for you to win in this game.

In the above article we have provided detailed information about allGo ahead and play cards. Through the above information, you can refer to and apply to bring results and higher value rewards for this card game.

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