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Ten Ways to Live Less with Your Phone and More With It

You probably use your phone more than you would like if you are like most people. It doesn’t matter if you are constantly checking your phone for news or social media, it is easy to lose sight of the world around us.

You’re missing out of precious time with family and friends, as well as opportunities to enjoy nature and moments in peace and stillness. Here are 10 ways you can use your phone less to live better.

Limit your screen time.

You have a few options, but the best is to use screen-time tracking apps such as Quality Time and Moment. These apps can show you how much time your phone is spending and which apps are taking up most of it. You can begin to reduce the time you spend on certain apps once you know where.

Limit certain apps.

Limits can be set on certain apps if you are using them more than you would like. You can limit social media usage to 30 minutes or gaming to 1 hour. The app will become inaccessible the remainder of the day once you have reached your limit. This will allow you to reduce screen time but not eliminate it completely.

You can take breaks with your phone.

This can be difficult, but it is important to take frequent breaks from your phone during the day. You’re not giving your body the chance to recharge and rest if you are constantly on your phone. Set a timer for 20 mins and put your phone down during that time. You can then check your phone once more time has passed.

Use your phone only for certain tasks.

You should stop using your phone for unnecessary things. Instead of scrolling through your social media feed, limit how often you check it. You can also limit your use of your phone to messaging and calls and save apps like games for when you are on your computer.

Turn off your phone at night.

This is one of the most important tips. It is easy to fall for the trap of checking your phone until bedtime, which can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Instead, set aside your phone at least 30 minutes before bed to allow you to unwind and not be distracted by screens.

Disable notifications.

It can be distracting to receive notifications constantly from your phone. Disable notifications from apps you don’t use. This will allow you to focus on your work and not be distracted by your phone.

Do not use your phone while driving.

This is a difficult one, but it’s essential to turn off your phone when driving. It’s illegal in many areas and can be dangerous. It’s possible for your phone to be damaged. While screen repairs in Riverdale and elsewhere may be costly, they are nothing compared with the cost of an accident.

Do not plug your phone into a computer during social interactions.

It is easy to lose ourselves in our phones while we are with others, which can cause serious problems for those around us. When you are with family or friends try to focus on the conversation and not your phone . You’ll be able to connect with your friends and enjoy the conversation more than scrolling through your social media feed.

Create screen-free zones.

Some places are not suitable for your phone to be used, such as at work or in class. You should avoid using your phone in these situations. This will help you to stay focused and reduce screen time.

You can use your phone less often.

Although it may seem obvious, this is worth repeating. You must actually reduce the amount of time you use your phone. This means reducing your screen time. Set limits and keep them. It might surprise you how easy it is to use your phone less if you make an effort.

You can live your life without the distractions of your smartphone. This can be a great way to connect with people and the world around you. These tips can help you reduce the use of your phone.

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