How much does a 3-skewer cost – Lottery knowledge for new players

How much does a 3-skewer win is information that many players today are interested in. In the lottery, there will be many different bets and betting forms, so the reward rates will also be different. If you want to find the answer to the above question, let me know  New88 Provide useful information below.
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Introduce skewer 3

Parcel lottery is no longer strange to many people, especially experts who want to participate in betting and hunting for prizes. They are a form in which you choose many different numbers to hunt for prizes at the same time. The rule is that only when all numbers appear are counted as winning. If a pair of lots is out of order, the player will not receive a prize.

So for 3-way lottery, the player will make a bet with 3 pairs of numbers. If all 3 pairs of numbers are successful, the player will receive an impressive prize. What players need to find out next is how much the 3-way bet will pay after winning. So let us help you clarify through the next shared news.

How much does a skewer of 3 cost – Lottery knowledge

Nowadays, when playing lottery, people will update information from many different sources. Below we will help you clearly know how much reward rate 3 has depending on the participating region.

Skewer 3 in the North

When you participate in lottery betting in the Northern region, the reward you receive will be as follows:

  • According to the traditional lottery, the reward the player receives is 1:40. If you bet with 10,000 VND and win, you will receive 400,000 VND.
  • At bookies, the winning rate for 3-way parlays is higher. Specifically, you will receive a bonus number up to 1:76. Some locations are even much higher.

Skewer 3 in the South

Many people are interested in how many 3-skewers eat in the Southern region. The player’s reward for 1 point is 3,500,000 VND. The convention of 1 point of traditional lottery is 44,000 VND.

For those who bet at bookies, the bonus number you can receive will be 1:150. Depending on some playgrounds, the reward rate may also vary at different levels, players need to research carefully before participating.

How much does a 3-skewer cost in the Central region?

If you bet 3 in the Central region, the bonus number you receive will fluctuate around 1:80. Thus, players need to calculate in detail the possibility of winning to make the most suitable bet for themselves.

What are the odds of hitting a 3-way bet?

Besides finding out how much a 3-way bet pays, players should also pay attention to their winning rate. We will update specific information below:

  • One day there will be 27 pairs of lots from 00 – 99 drawn. So when playing 1 lot, the failure rate is 99%.
  • Odds of winning 3 numbers: (1 – 97%/27)*100%.
  • The probability of a player failing all 3 numbers will be 99%/3 – 97%.

That is how to calculate the odds of winning a 3-way bet when playing betting. So their chance of winning will be lower than betting on one number. However, if the player has good prediction skills and experience, you will receive an impressive reward for yourself.

3-way parlay betting experiences for new players

The knowledge about how much a 3-way bet is and what the winning rate is has been given. Below we will give you some valuable experiences when betting.

Know how to look for results from many methods

Currently, there are many different methods you can apply to your search process. Among them are the formulas for total numbers, number matching, memory cards, etc. What players need to do is try to grasp the method that suits them to hunt for prizes. If you can combine them together, your winning rate will increase.

3 moderate value parlay bets

It has been revealed how much a skewer of 3 costs. It can be seen that the number you receive will be quite high. Therefore, start with low bets. This will ensure the safety of your betting capital. Besides, players should allocate capital into several parts. In lottery betting, there are many options, so you should participate in many betting shops to hunt for prizes.

When you win, don’t forget to withdraw money quickly, limiting yourself from using it to bet again. Thanks to this strategy, you will ensure that you do not lose everything after playing.


How much does skewer 3 eat? was  New88 The update is quite detailed for players to grasp. Hopefully from the information we give, you can better understand how to play lottery. From here, you can come up with the most suitable betting plans.

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