The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Play Tien Len New88

Tien Tien is a very popular entertainment game for everyone. At New88.com bookmaker This game also attracts a large number of participants. Although the name of the game is known to many people, not everyone knows how to play it. To be able to firmly grasp how to play and the rules of the gameGo to New88 Please join us to explore the details in the article below.

Brief introduction about Tien Len New88

Tien Len is a game originating from Western countries, players use a deck of 52 cards to play. In Vietnam, forward is present in three regions: North – Central – South. But currently progress in the southern region is developing more strongly than in the other two regions. The way to play Tien Tien at bookmaker New88 is quite simple and often wins many attractive rewards. Because here there is always a huge financial investment, many high rewards and super attractive promotions.

Although this game’s starting point is from Western countries, this is a game that brings players many interesting feelings. It contributes to diversifying the entertainment culture of players in Vietnam. Especially with challenging gameplay that requires players to make the most of their cunning when participating in the game to win.

Why do you need to firmly grasp how to play Tien Tien New88?

In this game, players use a deck of 52 cards to play. The cards have numbers from largest to smallest: 2, Ace, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3. After receiving the cards, the player will Arrange cards of the same suit to form a deck of cards.

Tien Tien basically has relatively simple gameplay and is quite easy to understand. When playing, the person who puts down all their cards first will win. The person who plays the last card on the table will lose and lose all bets to the winner. That’s why you need to firmly grasp the rules of the game to avoid being blocked by the opponent or receiving unnecessary penalties.

Understand how to play cards in Tien Len New88

Before you start playing this game, learn how to play its cards so you can play correctly. The following are the regulations while playing Tien Tien New88.
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  • Once the New88 card has been dealt to everyone present on the betting table, the person who receives the three of spades will have the right to go first. In the first game, players are not allowed to return to the mausoleum and are not allowed to steal anything. In the next games, the winner of the previous game will go first.
  • The first person to go has the right to play in many different ways such as: playing odd cards, duos, or playing with strings… Depending on each person’s playing style and the cards they have, please choose how to play. Fit.
  • Players will proceed to play their turn clockwise. The person sitting to the right of the player has the right to override the previous person’s card if there is a larger card. Playing Tien Len New88 is not like playing Phom, players can play many rounds until they run out of cards in their hand.
  • If during play the person on the right does not have a card to override the card of the person on the left, he or she can skip it and pass it on to the next person. When a new round starts, the person who missed their turn can continue to play, but if that round is still going on, the person who missed their turn must wait. The New88 advance card game continues until all the cards are gone. The last player with cards in his or her hand will lose.

Rules and arrangements in a deck of cards for New88

  • Regulations on size: A New88 deck of playing cards will consist of 52 cards and be sized according to the rules on quality and number on the cards. In terms of quality, there are 4 types: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. Each type has 4 cards forming a set of four. Of all 52 cards, the largest card is the 2 of hearts. If someone holds this card, that person has a great advantage while playing.
  • How to arrange cards: Each player will have different ways of arranging cards, but in order to have good control over all the cards in the player’s hand, a scientific arrangement is required. You can arrange the cards in pairs, threes, fours, or chains. The remaining odd cards are arranged in order from smallest to largest and neatly placed to one side. In general, the way of arranging cards is not regulated but is based on the experience of each player.

New88 advance game rules

Although the rules of Tien Len are quite simple, creating drama and excitement in the game is not available at every house. New88 always offers game rules to help you turn the game over.

  • Win all white: The white win rule is something that everyone wants to have when participating in progressive play. With this rule, if all your cards have strings from 3 to ace, 5 pairs of cards, 2 of a kind, you will come first. Playing white helps players not have to have a headache thinking about how to play cards nor waste a lot of time waiting for the results.
  • Four of a kind: Four of a kind is a set of four cards with the same value. When you own four of a kind, you have the right to cut a pair of twos, a smaller pair of pines, and a smaller four of a kind.
  • Block Pig: As mentioned above, Pig is the highest value card in the deck. To be able to block this card you need to have a higher four of a kind or pig card.
  • Three pairs of pine trees: Three pairs of pine trees are three pairs of consecutive values. When you own three pairs of pine trees, you will be able to chop a pig leaf or cut a smaller pair of pine trees.
  • Four pairs of pine trees: In case you own four pairs of pine trees (ie four pairs of the same value), you have the right to cut off one leaf or any two pig leaves. In addition, you can also cut four quarters, three pairs of pine trees or four pairs of smaller pine trees.
  • One thing you need to keep in mind is that if you have three pairs of pines, you need to have a turn to cut the opponent. If you have four pairs of pine trees, you can cut them anytime you like.
  • Rotten: Rotten occurs when the game has ended but the player still has a pig, four of a kind, or pair of pines in his hand. When you rot, you will lose the bet amount according to the rules in the game table. Therefore, when playing, players need to pay attention to see if there are many cards in their opponent’s hand. If your opponent’s cards are few, immediately destroy the cards that cause you to lose.
  • Freeze: This is a situation that no one wants to encounter, but moving to New88 is a game of red and black. So if your cards are too odd or your opponent’s cards are too strong, making it impossible for you to get a card during the game, you will freeze. Therefore, when playing, you should not keep cards to win first. Depending on each situation, there is a way to play cards accurately.


With sharing about game rules and how to playGo to New88 above. We hope that you will summarize for yourself the correct ways to play cards. Only with accurate shots can players win big rewards. Hope you will have good experiences with this card game at New88.

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