Learn what blocking is? How to play in detail for newbies

What is a sure bet? It is one of the card games that is very popular with many Vietnamese people. In fact, playing block is not difficult at all. However, not everyone knows how to play correctly. To better understand the game rules and regulations, please follow my article Kubet today.
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Learn about what blocking is?

What is blocking? Based on the tom tom card, people have created a form of playing Chan with 2 different versions, distributed according to the number of participants. The first type of block involves 4 participants and is also the most commonly played type of block. The second type of barrier includes 5 participants.

Unlike the card game To Tom, where all 120 cards are used, the card game can only use about 100 cards, the remaining 20 cards will be omitted: Nhat Sach, Nhat Van, Nhat Van, Thang and Lao. In blocking, the cards will be identified through images and words. 

Some unique terms are included in the game

Besides understanding what is blocking? Players need to understand some terms when playing cards to avoid unfortunate confusion:

  • Lead door: door where the player has priority to eat, where to hit, proactive. This door will also have priority.
  • The upper door is the door of the house on the wing, can only be eaten when the upper house gives up, hitting out, will usually be passive.
  • Jackpot: Includes 23 cards that can be picked up on the bottom door when the player cannot win on the top door.
  • Chieu is the priority case when playing a card with 3 cards that are the same in both row and suit. If there is a 4th card appearing, whether it is drawn or played by a participant, it can still be called or eaten.
  •  Chiu ù: is the same as Chiu but the bear card is also the card to buzz. 
  • If you steal, you have 1 shield on the card that is reduced to 2 identical shields.
  • Boon: similar to eating bull, but the piece that eats bull is also the card to bully.
  • Thien Khai: means that the card has 4 cards of the same quality and row.

What are the rules in blocking?

Besides understanding the basic rules of the game, what is blocking? The game also has some specific rules as follows:

Number of people participating in the game

Blocking has 2 forms of play based on the number of participants in the first game. The squash type is usually the most popular, so the number of participants will be 4 people. In particular, the total number of cards will be dealt to each person, participating members are dealt 19 cards, the remaining number of cards is placed in the center of the game (also known as the Noc).

What is the way to deal cards?

In the game, the cards are divided into 5 parts. After being dealt, the participant will take these 5 odd cards and combine them with a random part of the cards to form the pile. This combination can be arbitrary or combined by the winner of the previous game. After that, 1 card from the pile of cards is randomly drawn and flipped over to any part of the remaining 4 cards to form a card part.
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Next, you must proceed to draw cards to be able to determine who will play first and who will get which cards. Specifically, the four players corresponding to positions 1,2,3,4 are arranged from left to right to ensure participants number 2 and number 4 sit diagonally from each other. 

What is a blocking card? Each remaining person will be dealt cards around the main card. The right side of the card will be given to participant number 1, the next part will be to player number 2, player number 3 will be given the left side of the board. 

How to play sure bets

What is playing card game? Participants can perform the following actions:

  • The lead door is the door counted from left to right, this is where you have priority to eat.
  • Chit is the act of taking the card under the mat if there are 3 identical cards while there is also one similar card under the mat.
  • Pick Noc: is taking 1 card from the pile and then turning the card face up into the lead.
  • Eating is combining the two pieces below and above to form a shield or card.
  • Buzzing is when 19 of your cards, including the winning cards, are combined with a card drawn from the pile. From there, create 10 sets of shields. In which, there must be at least 6 shields.


Above is a summary of information about What is blocking? as well as instructions on how to play and the rules in the game that we want to introduce to players. Hopefully you will have more experience to apply when playing. 

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