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Hermetix Provides TO 46 Header Solutions.

In the ever-evolving opto-electronics industry, it’s crucial to have high-quality and reliable components. That’s where Hermetix comes in – we provide top-of-the-line TO 46 headers that are essential for lasers, photodiodes, and LEDs. Our commitment to excellence is shown through our manufacturing technique and material selection, ensuring long-lasting and high-performance components. But what sets us apart is our customized service – our engineers work with you during R&D to meet your unique needs. Trust us to be your partner in success in the competitive world of opto-electronics.

Opto-Electronics’ TO 46 Headers’ Importance

High-quality, reliable components are needed more than ever in the opto-electronics business. Lasers, photodiodes, and LEDs depend on TO 46 headers in these applications. Today’s competitive market requires their small design and high electrical performance.

Hermetix’s TO 46 Headers Are Excellent.

Hermetix delivers premium TO 46 headers to our partners. Our manufacturing technique and material selection assure long-lasting, high-performance components. Our connections with top domestic manufacturers allow us to make TO 46 headers that exceed your expectations.

Hermetix’s TO 46 Headers for Customized Needs

We know agents and dealers have different TO 46 header needs. Our engineers work with you during R&D to advise on materials, functionality, and cost. This collaboration ensures that Hermetix’s TO 46 headers meet your needs, helping your projects succeed commercially.


In the end, Hermetix is the best TO 46 header partner. Our expertise, quality, and customized service set us apart. Hermetix TO 46 headers will improve your products and secure your position in the promising opto-electronics market. Hermetix provides the greatest business solutions today and tomorrow.

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