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Unlocking Vehicle Diagnostics: Autophix 9710 Scanner for BMW – A Game-Changer for Distributors

Are you ready to take your diagnostic game to the next level? Introducing the Autophix 9710 scanner, your ultimate companion for BMW vehicles. This handy and professional tool is designed to swiftly detect engine, ABS, SRS, transmission, and other control systems with lightning speed. Let’s delve into the remarkable features that make the Autophix 9710 a game-changer for distributors.

Unleashing the Power of Basic Functions

With the Autophix 9710, you gain access to a plethora of basic functions specifically tailored for BMW vehicles. Dive into the world of Version Information, where you can effortlessly gather essential details about your customer’s vehicle. Whether it’s reading fault codes or erasing them to clear the path for effective repairs, this scanner has got you covered. Additionally, read data stream to get real-time insights and perform precise diagnoses with utmost efficiency.

Special Functions for BMW Vehicles

The Autophix 9710 takes vehicle diagnostics to greater heights with its array of special functions for BMW vehicles. Conduct CBS Reset to ensure crucial maintenance intervals are accurately reset. Throttle Learning allows you to optimize engine performance and responsiveness. The EPB Replace Brake Pads function streamlines brake pad replacement, guaranteeing safety and reliability. Say goodbye to tire pressure issues with Tire Pressure Reset (TPMS). Battery Registration ensures seamless integration of new batteries. EGS Clear Adaptations ensures smooth transmission operations. And that’s not all! From DPF Regeneration to Fuel Pump Activation and Adjustment Steering-Angle Sensor, this scanner covers a wide range of specialized functions.


In conclusion, the Autophix 9710 scanner for BMW vehicles is a game-changer for distributors aiming to excel in vehicle diagnostics. With its extensive range of functions, compatibility, and user-friendly interface, this professional tool empowers you to deliver accurate and efficient services to your customers. Don’t miss out on unlocking the true potential of vehicle diagnostics with the Autophix 9710 scanner – your go-to companion for BMW enthusiasts and distributors alike.

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