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Reasons Why Enola Holmes 2 Is Much Better Than the Previous Part

When it comes to part 1 of Enola Holmes, it was pretty exciting to see a younger sister of Sherlock who is an interesting being in her own self. However, if we compare part 1 with Enola Holmes’s original books written by Nancy Springer, the movie was a bit of a disappointment. The only thing that made the movie work so well was the phenomenal acting of Millie Bobbie Brown and Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes.

The audience might also be disappointed also because of the screen time Henry Cavill got in the first part. However, we still wouldn’t see it as a failure because of the amazing cast, story, production, and art direction. Besides, the first part was mostly about Enola introducing herself and her family. Whereas, part 2 is so much better as the characters are already introduced and the story picks up pace pretty quickly.

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Coming back to the point, read on and find out all the reasons Enola Holmes part 2 is worth watching.

She Has Her Own Detective Agency

When the movie starts, we see Enola sitting in her office looking for cases to solve. All her cases are going to Sherlock because first, she’s a girl, second, she’s young, and third, her brother is Sherlock Holmes. The scene foreshadows the fact that the story is going to be super feminist and she will be solving her own case.

We See More of Her Bond with Sherlock

With their differences from the first part aside, Sherlock and Enola’s bond is beautiful and as you watch the movie you will see it grow. We will not say much, to avoid spoilers, but one thing is for sure, the two make an amazing team. People were disappointed in the first part mainly because they didn’t see Sherlock getting much screen time. However, in this part that is not the case. Besides, how can we forget how incredibly handsome Henry Cavill is?

A Real Life Issue Has Been Pointed Out

As opposed to the first part, this part is definitely well-scripted and most importantly is based on a super sensitive real-life issue. The match factory case also known as the “Matchgirls’ strike” was an industrial action by the girls and women working at the Bryant & May match factory in Bow, London.

The issue was extremely sensitive and dark, but the way the movie light-heartedly conveys is absolutely genius.

The Action is More Interesting

Besides the fact that the movie has highlighted sensitive issues, another thing that makes it not better but equally entertaining is the savvy action. While the first part also had amazing action, we can assure you that this part has some amazing women-led action.


As opposed to part one, this part is super interconnected and sticks to the promise of the premise. And most importantly, people who were disappointed for it being different from the book version, wouldn’t be now because this part is super interesting and the script is tighter than the previous one.

Art Direction is Picture Perfect

When it comes to Victorian-era London with a combination of detective twists, the art direction turns out picture-perfect, if done correctly. From the landscapes, houses, 221 Baker Street, Tewksbury’s residence, and the theatre, everything is super aesthetic and sits well with the tone of the typical Sherlock/Enola Holmes theme.

Super Feminist

As much as we try to keep the gender thing out of it, we absolutely love the characters of Edith, Eudoria Holmes, Sarah, and of course Enola. As we discussed above, while part 1 was super feminist too, this one is more logically feminist, and inclusive, and everything in the story falls smoothly without any loopholes or exaggerations.

In Conclusion

Well, when it comes to detective movies with lead characters as women, we can say that Enola Holmes, especially part 2 is our ultimate favorite. From Millie Bobby Brown’s incredible acting to the empowering female characters, to Enola and Sherlock’s bond, everything will make you fall in love with Enola Holmes 2.

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