Rapper King Von

King von autopsy’s 2018 single Crazy Story was certified RIAA. Grandson, Vol., was also his latest album. 1 debuted at number 75 on Billboard 200 charts. The album features members from the OTF group, which includes Lil Durk. King Von collaborated with Lil Durk for the song Booka 600.

Dayvon Bennett

Dayvon Bennett is the rapper behind King Von. His first single, Crazy Story, gained him attention. This led to him signing to the Only the Family label. Crazy Story 2.0 was his second album. It came out in May. In September, Crazy Story Pt. was released. 3. King Von is an accomplished emcee who has a large following.

His dramatic delivery and meticulous attention to detail earned him a lot of attention. His lyrics add an interesting twist to the usual story. His song, “Pressin”, has been streamed over 3,000,000 times and featured on many music platforms. King Von will also collaborate with Durk for “Still Trappin”, which is part of Durk’s 2020 album. Travis Scott, YNW Melly and Booka 600 are also featured in the single.


King Von has enjoyed many successes since his debut as an MC. He released the single “What It’s like” in September last year, as part of his mixtape “Grandson, Vol. 1′. Two tracks were also performed by Lil Durk. The album reached number 75 on the Billboard 200, and number 27 on Hip Hop/R&B albums charts. He has performed live at many concerts and musical events.

King Von began rapping and hip-hop as a teenager. He was a member the “Black Disciples” group, and had a similar demeanor as the founder. Even though his career and life were short-lived, King Von had a significant impact on Chicago’s music scene.

Criminal history

King Von is a relatively newcomer to Chicago’s hip-hop scene. However, he has a long criminal record. King Von was 16 when he was first arrested for illegal possession of a gun. He was accused of murdering 4-5 people in his GD gang, which included a Gakirah Barnes. According to the victim’s relatives, King Von shot the victim in the face and foot.

King Von was released in May 2018 and his first music video was released. He was accompanied by Bayzoo, OTF rappers. Based on two murder trials, the song “Beat That Body” is based.


Lil Durk signed Von onto his Only the Family label, which helped shape him as an artist. They collaborated on the hit song “Crazy Story” as well as the album Welcome to O’Block. A shooting involving police resulted in Von’s death early Friday morning. Although Von was alleged to have been shot by an officer, the Atlanta Police Department stated that Von sustained injuries in the initial shootout between his group of friends and another group. Two other people were also killed.

On Instagram, Lil Durk expressed sorrow at the passing of King Von. He was a close friend and collaborator of the Chicago rapper. Von was signed to Lil Durk’s Only the Family label. His debut album Grandson, Vol., was to be released in 2019. He planned to release his debut album Grandson, Vol. 1 in 2019, and his second album Welcome To O-Block 2020.

Posthumous album

The posthumous second album of American rapper King Von is What It Means To Be King. It was released March 4, 2022. It’s a tribute to King Von, a legend in hip-hop. This album contains songs that reflect King Von’s life as well as a tribute to his followers.

His estate will release What It Means To Be King in honor of the late rapper. This album features many of his contemporaries. G Herbo, 21 Savage and 21 Savage are two other notable collaborators on this album. Fivio Foreign and OMB Peezy are also included. You will also find Von’s handwritten lyrics.

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