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MDFO1413-w8: Hermetix’s Leading Edge in Glass to Metal Seal Manufacturing

Hermetix has firmly established its leading position among glass to metal seal manufacturers with the MDFO1413-w8 Optoelectronic packaging. This cutting-edge laser butterfly package encompasses various housing structures and an array of materials, allowing distributors and agents to cater to diverse customer needs. Join us as we explore the customizable features, superior construction, and Hermetix’s commitment to delivering exceptional optoelectronic packaging solutions.

Versatile Housing Structures and Materials

The MDFO1413-w8 offers a range of housing structures to accommodate different optical channels. Distributors and agents working with Hermetix can provide their customers the option to choose from various molding and manufacturing processes, ensuring optimal compatibility with their specific requirements. This versatility in housing structures ensures that the end-users can achieve optimal results in their optoelectronic applications.

Unmatched Construction and Materials

The MDFO1413-w8 utilizes high-quality materials and a superior construction approach, making it a standout choice among glass to metal seal manufacturers. The flattened wire bonding tips, copper-tungsten base, and soldered Kovar packages with a flange and fiber optic channel ensure durability and long-lasting performance in demanding optoelectronic applications. Distributors and agents can confidently assure their customers that the MDFO1413-w8 meets the highest industry standards, empowering them to embrace reliable and robust optoelectronic packaging.


Hermetix’s MDFO1413-w8 Optoelectronic packaging exemplifies their leading position among glass to metal seal manufacturers. With its versatile housing structures, customizable leads and pin pitch, and commitment to meeting specific requirements, this packaging solution empowers distributors and agents to deliver tailor-made optoelectronic packaging to their customers. The MDFO1413-w8’s superior construction and choice of materials ensure enduring performance in the most demanding applications. By partnering with Hermetix, distributors and agents can strengthen their position in the market and offer their customers unparalleled solutions for their optoelectronic packaging needs.

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