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JINGHAO Introduces the JH-A39H Rechargeable ITE Digital Hearing Aid: Advanced Features for Enhanced Hearing

JINGHAO, a leading provider of innovative hearing solutions, proudly presents the JH-A39H Rechargeable ITE Digital Hearing Aid. This state-of-the-art device combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features to deliver a superior hearing experience. With its 16-channel DSP, adaptive feedback canceler, comfortable fit, and easy operation, the JH-A39H offers remarkable capabilities for individuals with hearing loss. Let’s explore the exceptional features of JINGHAO’s rechargeable ITE hearing aid and how it revolutionizes the way we perceive sound.

Advanced Technology for Superior Sound

The JH-A39H boasts a 16-channel DSP, which provides precise sound processing and customization. This advanced digital technology ensures that wearers receive clear, natural, and optimized sound across a variety of listening environments. With the adaptive feedback canceler, annoying whistling and feedback are effectively eliminated, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Comfortable and Secure Fit

JINGHAO prioritizes wearer comfort, and the JH-A39H is no exception. With its ergonomic design, this rechargeable ITE hearing aid offers a comfortable and secure fit. The device sits discreetly in the ear, providing a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Wearers can enjoy long-lasting comfort while experiencing the benefits of improved hearing.

Easy Operation and Extended Battery Life

The JH-A39H simplifies the user experience with its intuitive operation. Users can easily adjust settings and switch between different listening modes, ensuring personalized control over their hearing preferences. Furthermore, the rechargeable feature eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements. With just a 2-hour charging time, the JH-A39H provides up to 20 hours of auxiliary hearing on a single charge. For added convenience, the device can last up to 60 hours with the charging case, offering extended usage without worrying about power.


JINGHAO’s JH-A39H Rechargeable ITE Digital Hearing Aid sets a new standard in hearing technology. With its advanced features, including 16-channel DSP, adaptive feedback canceler, comfortable fit, and easy operation, this device delivers enhanced sound clarity and an exceptional user experience. Embrace the transformative capabilities of JINGHAO’s rechargeable ITE hearing aid and rediscover the joys of clear, natural, and personalized hearing.

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