How to Import Electronics Goods at a Cheap Price

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about finished consumer electric devices or electronic components, or sub-assemblies, that will be used in manufacturing in the UK to make new products. Importing electronics from overseas can often prove to be a cost-effective option. There are many companies that have a history of making high-quality electrical products all around the globe, including in the United States, China and South Korea. However, the high quality goods and economies of scale offered by these countries do not necessarily mean that imports from them are always cost-effective.

British importers should examine their import practices to determine if they can do things more cheaply without sacrificing the quality of the service they get. If you’re responsible for purchasing electronics from overseas, here are the things you need to be focusing on in order to create a more efficient importation process.

Avoid Air Freight

Air freight is more convenient than shipping goods by sea. However, it is more complicated. Because of the increased security requirements, it can take some time to get electrical goods through customs at international airports. If your consignment is going to be on a passenger aircraft, this will likely be the case. However, air freight is generally more expensive than shipping by sea, even for relatively small consumer electronics like mobile phones.

Get local expertise in logistical matters

If you depend on your supplier to ship your consignment, it is likely that you are paying too much for the service. Use a UK-based freight forwarding company that has extensive experience in the country from which you are importing. This can often result in negotiating lower rates for your order collection from your supplier, and having them shipped to a local port.

Ship to a Seaport of Your Choice

Be aware that not all seaports can handle containerized shipping, especially when it comes to delicate consignments that contain electrical devices. Not all ports offer frequent services to the UK, especially if they don’t require multiple stops along the route. If you want your order as fast and cost-effectively as possible, your supplier may not choose the closest seaport.

Learn more about LCL Shipments

Barrington Freight, a freight forwarding company that specializes in electronic goods, says many British importers don’t realize how much they can save by combining their shipment. LCL shipments are a way to share the logistics costs. Because so many electrical products are shipped to the UK via the same few countries as the container, the shared containers’ lower cost shouldn’t mean that orders will take longer to arrive.

Combining Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearances

Outsourcing freight forwarding to a licensed and reputable company is one thing, but most importers will still require assistance with customs declarations. This can be complicated, especially if you don’t know much about excise codes, commodity codes, and the valuation methods required to make these declarations. You should use an agent that offers freight forwarding and also provides a service for excise.

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