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GTAKE GK200 AC Motor Drive: Unleashing Advanced Control Capabilities

When it comes to AC motor drives, the GTAKE GK200 stands out as a powerful and innovative solution. Designed with enhanced control capabilities and robust performance features, the GK200 offers precise and efficient control over various industrial applications. In this article, we will delve into the advanced features of the GTAKE GK200 AC Motor Drive, focusing on its control capabilities and its ability to deliver robust performance and protection.

Enhanced Control Capabilities

The GTAKE GK200 AC Motor Drive introduces advanced control technologies, including V/Hz control and sensor-less vector control. These features provide:

Starting torque: 150%, 0.25Hz (sensor-less vector control), and 150%, 0.5Hz (V/Hz control), ensuring optimal motor performance at low speeds.

Speed accuracy: +/-0.5% (V/Hz control), and +/-0.3% (sensor-less vector control), enabling precise speed control for various applications.

Robust Performance and Protection

The GTAKE GK200 AC Motor Drive is engineered to deliver robust performance and protection features, including: Quick torque response: With a response time of less than 10ms, the GK200 ensures rapid adjustments to torque demands, enhancing motor efficiency and responsiveness.

High overload capability: The drive can handle overload conditions, including 150% for 2 minutes, 160% for 60 seconds, and 200% for 1 second, once every 10 minutes, ensuring reliable operation even under heavy loads.

Wide output frequency range: From 0.00Hz to 600.00Hz, the GK200 offers flexibility in controlling motor speed across a broad range of applications.


The GTAKE GK200 AC Motor Drive stands at the forefront of advanced control capabilities and robust performance in the AC motor drive industry. With its V/Hz control and sensor-less vector control features, it provides precise speed control and stable operation. Additionally, its high overload capability, quick torque response, and wide output frequency range ensure reliable and efficient performance in demanding industrial environments. GTAKE’s commitment to innovation and engineering excellence is evident in the GK200 AC Motor Drive, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking superior control and performance for their motor-driven applications.

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