Discover How to Play Sic Bo Online and Always Win, Tips from Experts

Online Sic Bo  New88.com known as a game that is currently loved and chosen by many people for entertainment. But not all bettors know how to play Sic Bo online and always win. To clarify further, let’s explore and learn more about those methods in the article below.

Overview of online Sic Bo, the most popular game of all timeohi

Before getting to the ways to always win online Sic Bo, we also need to know clearly about this game. This is an online betting game based on predicting the results of three dice. With the development of the new technology era, today you can easily participate in this game right on your phone or computer device.

Accordingly, players will bet on possible outcomes after rolling the dice. There are many different forms and levels of bets that can be mentioned, such as total score bets, number pairs, double bets, triple bets, etc. After placing the money, you will wait for the dice to roll and the result. is determined based on the total number of dots appearing on the faces of those dice.

Currently, this game is increasingly popular and widely developed on online platforms. With just a few clicks, you can experience exciting betting and the opportunity to bring many attractive rewards.

The rules of playing Sic Bo online need to be firmly understood

To be able to apply the method of playing Sic Bo online and always win, the most important thing is that you need to clearly understand the rules and regulations of this game. When playing Over/Under, you will use 3 dice, each dice will have 6 sides numbered from 1 to 6. At the beginning of the game, the dealer will perform the task of rolling 3 dice.

Bettors only need to predict the total result of the 3 dice when rolling and place bets on the table. Usually there will be two outcomes in this game:

  • If it is “Over”: The total value of 3 dice has a score from 11 to 17. If you bet on this bet, the odds of winning for this bet are 1:1.
  • If it is “Under”: the total score of the 3 dice is between 4 and 10. If you bet on this straight the ratio will also be 1:1.

Currently, there are some bookmakers that offer other betting options such as odd even, according to numbers, single bets, triple bets, etc. This brings diversity in choices and gives players a high winning rate.

How to play Sic Bo online and always win, revealed by experts

To be able to win more when participating in this game, you also need to accumulate a lot of playing experience. These tips are to help us achieve more success. Next we will share a few tips from experienced players, please refer to them.

Betting on over/under with double folding method

It can be said that double betting is a way to always win online Sic Bo that many players apply when they see the opportunity is coming. If in the betting game you see that everything is going your way, then immediately bet this way. Everything is very simple, you just need to double the bet amount of the next game compared to the previous game, only return to the first bet when you have won.

How to play Sic Bo online and always win – use a flat bridge

If the results of 2-3 consecutive bets are all the same value, that is a sign of a bad bet. At this point, you just need to continue betting on that value in the next round and you will definitely win. For example, if you see 3 consecutive games with all results being over, then the 4th game will continue with this bet to win.

The method of playing over/under uses 1-1 bridge

The way to always win online Sic Bo is often applied by experienced players. When you notice that the result of the bet is going in the direction of 1 over and 1 under, that is a sign of a 1-1 bet. At this time, you can also apply the method of alternating the results to be able to bring back rewards for yourself.

Over/under betting method uses capital ratio

Capital is always a factor that all bettors are interested in when betting on this game. You should divide your capital into many different small segments to ensure victory. Currently, there are 2 capital ratios in how to always win online Sic Bo that you can apply:

  • Ratio 1 – 3 – 2 – 4: This way you will divide your capital into 10 parts and bet according to the correct ratio as above. This can help you get a fair amount of money when participating in a bet. This way of always winning online Sic Bo will ensure that you will not lose all the money you participate in and can still continue with the Sic Bo game.
  • Ratio 1 – 3 – 2 – 6: Same as above and with this ratio, the bettor will get money back in the 4th game to make up for the 3rd game that he lost in the bet above. This is a method of dividing capital that many experienced players apply to betting today.

Using algorithms in playing Sic Bo

The way to always win when playing Sic Bo online is that you need to know how to calculate and use some algorithms to find out the rules of the game. Once you know those things, it will be easier for you to find the most accurate result for your next bet.

Know how to all print money at the right time

There are many players who want to go all in on a certain bet, so choose the right time to best utilize this method. The way to always win when playing Sic Bo online is that you should not rush or rashly bet all your capital on a certain bet.
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Things to note while playing Sic Bo games to win big

In addition to understanding the rules of the game as well as knowing how to always win when playing Sic Bo online, you should also avoid bets with high reward rates with a few small notes as follows:

  • You need to note that with high bets like 1:14 or 1:62 you may receive a huge amount of winnings, but the probability of winning is extremely rare. Surely you will lose more than you gain when participating in these doors.
  • For players with little capital, the way to always win when playing Sic Bo online is to bet on the door with a ratio of 1:1, 1:2. Although the reward rate is low, the chance of winning is big and when you lose, you don’t lose too much.
  • When participating in Sic Bo, choosing a reputable house to participate is important. Choose addresses that have legal operating licenses and are closely monitored to ensure fairness, transparency and randomness.
  • The way to always win when playing Sic Bo online is to stay calm in all situations and always keep a cool head when placing bets. Remember that any decision made while unconscious or influenced by someone is usually not accurate. In addition, you should also know when to stop so you can protect your capital while playing.

Above is a summary of some ways to always win online Sic Bo that you should not miss. Please refer to and apply the bets in this game to bring yourself many victories as well as perfect experiences when participating.

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