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DAYA’s Linear Shower Tray Series L: Redefining Shower Base Wholesale in the Shower Industry

The shower industry is witnessing a revolution, and at the forefront is DAYA‘s Series L linear shower tray. This distinctive design, featuring a prolonged drain for efficient water flow and a sleek modern aesthetic, caters to the discerning needs of shower base wholesale partners. As businesses strive to attract shower base wholesalers, DAYA’s Series L stands out as a key player in delivering quality and style.

Advantages of DAYA’s Linear Shower Tray Series L

Advantages of DAYA’s Linear Shower Tray Series L extend beyond expectations, focusing on the distinctive features that set it apart in the competitive market. The captivating floral patterns, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also signify the superior quality synonymous with DAYA’s commitment to excellence.

Series L’s composition, utilizing a composite material comprising 93% resin and mineral fillers, ensures unparalleled durability and safety. The introduction of an anti-slip stone resin surface is a testament to DAYA’s dedication to creating secure and comfortable shower solutions, aligning perfectly with the safety-conscious preferences of our shower base wholesale clients.

Moreover, the incorporation of a larger and stronger reinforced steel bar grid underscores the product’s enhanced durability, promising a prolonged effective lifespan. This robust construction not only signifies reliability but also allows our shower base wholesale clients to deliver trustworthy shower solutions, fostering lasting loyalty among their customer base.


In summary, DAYA’s Series L linear shower tray is a game-changer in the shower base wholesale landscape, blending safety, durability, and aesthetics seamlessly. For businesses targeting shower base wholesalers, this innovative shower solution opens doors to new possibilities, setting a new standard for excellence in the shower industry.

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