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The HIKMICRO App – An Essential Tool for Outdoor and Industrial Applications

HIKMICRO is a brand that specializes in thermal imaging technology, offering handheld thermal cameras, acoustic infrared cameras, and leak detectors, among others. To make the most of their products, they have released the HIKMICRO app – a comprehensive application designed for outdoor equipment. This article will discuss the key features of the app, as well as provide an overview of HIKMICRO’s product offerings.

Live Screen Sharing: View Your Device on Your Smartphone

The HIKMICRO app you view live images of your device on your smartphone. You can connect one device to multiple phones, allowing your team to view images on their own HIKMICRO Sight. Moreover, the app allows you to rotate the screen so you can see the sight in portrait or landscape mode, providing maximum viewing comfort.

Remote Control: Full Control Over Key Parameters

HIKMICRO Sight unleashes the full potential of your device by granting the user full control over key parameters while enjoying a high-definition, real-time view of the device. This feature ensures that you can operate the device more easily and make the necessary adjustments whenever needed.

Browse and Download Exciting Moments: Share Them on Social Media

The HIKMICRO app lets you browse images and footage from hot devices and apps at any time. You can also share these exciting moments on your social media with a single click, keeping your followers up-to-date with your latest adventures.


In conclusion, the HIKMICRO app is an essential tool for anyone who uses thermal imaging technology for outdoor and industrial applications. With features such as live screen sharing, remote control, and firmware upgrades, the app provides the necessary tools to operate the devices more easily and efficiently. Moreover, with the HIKMICRO Academy and online customer service, users can get the help they need whenever they need it. As such, HIKMICRO is a brand worth checking out for anyone in need of thermal imaging technology.

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