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Optimizing Outdoor Lighting Management with the BN-LINK Electrical Outlet Timer

Improving convenience and contributing to energy savings are two outcomes of well-managed outdoor lighting. To maximize control over outside lights, BN-LINK has developed a 7-day outdoor heavy-duty digital programmable timer with dual outlets. This article delves into the BN-LINK electrical outlet timer‘s  capabilities and benefits, showcasing how it can simplify lighting management and promote energy conservation.

Manual Mode: Customized Control at Your Fingertips

The BN-LINK electrical outlet timer offers a versatile manual mode that puts customized control in your hands. With manual mode, you have the ability to adjust the timer’s on and off settings according to your specific needs, without relying on a preset schedule. This feature empowers you to tailor the lighting experience to your preferences, providing flexibility and personalized control.

Activating and Operating the Manual Mode

To activate the manual mode, follow a simple step-by-step process. By referring to the user manual, you can easily access the manual mode functionality of the BN-LINK electrical outlet timer. Once activated, you can toggle the timer’s state using the MANUAL button, effortlessly turning your outdoor lights on or off as desired.

Auto Mode: Streamlined and Hassle-Free Lighting Management

The BN-LINK timer’s auto mode simplifies lighting management by automating the on and off schedules of your outdoor lights. By setting up preset schedules, the timer dutifully follows the programmed timings, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This streamlines your lighting management, ensuring that your outdoor lights are always on or off at the designated times.


The BN-LINK Electrical Outlet Timer offers versatile control options for optimizing outdoor lighting management. With its manual mode, you can customize the lighting experience according to your preferences, while the auto mode streamlines lighting control by automating schedules. With seamless mode switching and user-friendly functionality, the BN-LINK timer ensures convenience, flexibility, and energy efficiency in managing your outdoor lighting setup.

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