Five Questions to Ask Before You Get an Extended Warranty

An extended warranty should be considered by every car owner. This means that your manufacturer warranty will expire and you’ll be able to get an extended warranty.

These five questions are essential to ask before you make a decision about an extended policy. This will help you decide the best warranty for your budget and needs.

1. What isn’t covered?

Extended warranties plans typically don’t cover wear and tear, or other service-related costs like tire rotations or oil changes. An extended warranty covers major expenses that normal people might not otherwise be able or afford.

Be aware of the exclusions and be careful when choosing your policy.

2. What mechanic can you use?

Third-party warranty providers have specific rules about which mechanics you can take your vehicle to when you file a claim. Manufacturer-related companies will let you use any of their dealer mechanics in their network. This means that you have nationwide coverage and not just one mechanic.

3. What is covered?

Extended car warranties may cover a broad range of services or parts, or just the minimum. You should know what your Subaru extended warranty covers before you purchase.

Extended car warranties typically cover problems with the engine or transmission but don’t cover any basic charges or replacements. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These charges are usually lower and don’t require extended warranties to cover.

4. What is the Claim Deductible?

It can be difficult to understand the terms of insurance and warranties. Many agents will offer you a special deal. If the agent is committed to your best interests, it will be a good deal.

However, if they only want to get numbers by the end of each month, then your deal may not be as special. It is common for a premium to seem too good to be true. This is because the premium will determine how high your claim deductible.

Before you sign the dotted line, ask the agent what the claim deductible for the package you have chosen is. You should be able to afford it.

5. This is the Best Deal!

Do not be afraid to shop around for an extended car warranty. Many people feel embarrassed and shy about saying no to packages that they don’t understand.

You must stand your ground with the sales representative. Their job is selling you a warranty. It is your job to find the right package for you and your vehicle. Do your research to get the best value for your money.

You can’t make smart financial decisions with your ego in the way. They must be made with your best interest at heart. What good is an extended warranty if it doesn’t pay off in the long-term?

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