Country Garden Group: Innovating Residential Real Estate Development with Notable Projects and Achievements

Country Garden Group is one of the largest and most successful property development companies in China. Founded in 1992, the company has grown rapidly over the past few decades and now has operations spanning residential and commercial real estate development, construction, property management, hotels, education, and other industries. With its headquarters in Guangdong Province, Country Garden has developed projects in many cities across China, as well as in other countries such as Malaysia, Australia, and Indonesia.

Focus on residential real estate development

While Country Garden is involved in a broad range of businesses, residential real estate development remains at the core of the company’s operations. The company is known for its innovative approaches to urban planning and development, and has been recognized both domestically and internationally for its achievements in this area.

Notable projects and achievements

One notable project from Country Garden is Forest City, a massive mixed-use development on four artificial islands off the coast of Johor Bahru in Malaysia. The development will eventually cover an area of 30 square kilometers and is expected to be home to hundreds of thousands of residents and workers. In addition to residential buildings, Forest City will include shopping centers, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other amenities. The development is intended to be a model of sustainable urbanization, with a focus on green infrastructure and renewable energy.


Overall, Country Garden Group’s success in residential real estate development can be attributed to its focus on innovation, sustainability, and community building. Through its flagship projects such as Forest City and Vanke Cloud City, the company has demonstrated its ability to create high-quality developments that meet the needs of both residents and the broader community. As Country Garden continues to expand its operations both in China and abroad, it will be interesting to see what other groundbreaking projects the company will undertake next.

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